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June 2017

— Yeah, it's pretty great


It has a lot of room for framework-itis, if things don't go smoothly... Only a good idea when you have a really good reason to hide those members

— The complexity you introduce by using it is a bit cumbersome, haha

— I am going to bed, was fun talking about design patterns with you :3

— Same with you :)

— I'm desperately missing a way for arrow functions to call themselves

— So I came up with this:

const selfref = (f, ...args) =>, (...args) =>

    selfref(f, ...args), ...args);


selfref((self, a, b, c) => {
self(a, b, c);
// calls the current
// function again

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— Lol

— I just realized private symbol members can just be wrapped in functions


var mySym = Symbol();
function doThing(sym) {
if (sym === mySym) {
// Do something

— I did know this before but forgot to mention it last night

— Uhh