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June 2017

— Kek, yes, Java as an argument is dumb, since they have nothing to do with eachother


The benefit is being able to allow a family of instances of the same class to access each other's private members.

— SOME pieces of the stdlib in ecma is similar to Java equiv. (Like Math)

— Wat, how?

— A private keyword makes sense, it would just extend the existing class facade. This just... Yeah too much.

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— I don't see how instanceA would be able to access private vars of instanceB

— I don't see why it's needed, or useful to anyone writing sane classes in the first place.

— It's not

— BUT I HAVE made private vars in one way or another at some point for a class-like thingy

— Just neat to have supporting syntax

— Like await

— If you define classes either in global scope or some userspace scope, and have concerns over families/friend classes talking to each other privately, then they shouldn't be in that scope to begin with IMO

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