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June 2017

— So all an immediate view component is, is a component with a special render function which accepts a single parameter

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// We use `this` here because Traviso sets it as the event target...

  obj.mouseover = function () {

    d_selection.immediateRender("highlightObject", this);


— Interesting, I haven't used Flux

— The caveat is you can't invoke it directly... the view domain controlling the component must do so, hence the string in that function call

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— So you basically tell the view domain "render this component with your state and this parameter I am giving you"

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— The magic this allows is untouched immutable state, fully being handled for you

— Very fancy

— Along with that both the component and view domain must be marked as "immediate mode" explictly

— It's good to be explicit about breaking Flux rules :P

— And I'm struggling to implement a pivot table at work

— Https://

— Oooh, it exists!