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June 2017

— Anyways , demand will affect how much money the player makes, per-second, per-entity


That will be calculated primarily by the Collector classes, with the game goal being "get X entity to Y collector"

— FluxAxe serves as the Flux framework with some React-like components built in. I use Differentia as the default diffing algorithm

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— That way we can render the Pixi WebGL view as if we were running a page with React

— Do you actually write it like that?

— No, it's a mess at the moment

— Oh man, no const or shorthand function properties

— I just hashed out some constructors to get a feel for what I needed, they will be made into Flux actions

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— I see

— I don't think it even runs at the moment, haha

— Pretty much everything will be in a Flux action, no matter what, it will be very smooth when it's done. I also invented a way for view components to reach into datastore state without running data through the datastore, with what I call Immediate Mode view components. It pulls from the view domain's stored state and also allows for outside parameters to be passed in, breaking some Flux rules but allowing very fast reaction times

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— So for highlighting objects with the mouse, the view component doing the highlighting has to know a few things like what kind of object it is etc... I previously ran that action through the datastore, but the propagation time to the component was too slow to support someone moving their mouse around.

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