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June 2017

— Multiplexed


It can transmit data from different sources/to different destinations along one channel, for example a wire.

— Generator = generates specific entity types of specific amounts per second.
collector = terminates entities (entities which enter do not leave) of specific types.

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— It will run in a "game loop", which does run hundreds of times a second, but we want the simulator to only run once per second

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— This will be like a networks crash course.

— The hard part will be integrating the simulator into the presentation after it's done

— What libs are you working with?

— Pixi, Traviso, and two of my own, FluxAxe and DIfferentia

— Here's where the simulator lives:

— As you can likely tell it is really in a nasty state, haha

— Look here for the prefix key

— Anyways , demand will affect how much money the player makes, per-second, per-entity