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June 2017

— Yes, they will serve to collect objects into awareness "scope" arrays


IE two objects in the same scope array could be said to "know" of each other and be able to transmit entities to each other

— And the criteria would be, on a grid, a wire object which touches the two or more objects

— Here is the presentation

— The simulator will then be used in a game I am looking to make, a "Datacenter Tycoon" type thing with some SimCity elements

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— Already in the simulator, which is a Flux Data Store, we have the grid array which contains all the objects, sorted by column and then row like this:


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— Oh okay.

— So you'll need to optimize the data center for maximum throughout.

— Fucking awesome

— Right, to satisfy demand for FLOPS, IOPS, and Storage

— That sounds really cool.

— Https://