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June 2017

— And use that reference within the class with an instanceof check or something


Pretty basic, I'd like to see some more advanced topics covered in a medium article-like format. Alas, I think you should explore more "why" and not just explain the "how"

— Also, you should try learning about functional composition, it's way nicer than OOP

— And enables cleaner and tidier code

— Hey thanks a lot i am just exploring so your inputs actually helped a lot 😊

— Hah, other chat spun off into a singleton discussion

— 😂😂😂 which is a good thing

— I am getting to learn a lot😉

— Https://

— This article was pretty good

— Telling a few stories, naming some points to take away, continuing with general history, more points

— Can I change cursor appereance to custom text ?