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May 2017

— Display I make absolute position. Not have width/heigth. So, what value should be given?


Mmm. If absolute, then when hover, change px amount of left or right.
Btw, it will be easier if you already put source code somewhere online, so we can see what is exact problem. 😊
Try codepen or jsfiddle?

— Thank you sis. After replace with left, success. Thx

— 👌 you're welcome

— You know whats really the meaning of suffering? porting 10k lines of html from an old wordpress site to a new scratch-made one

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— And of course it is all so badly formatted that not even regex can help fix it

— Shoot me.

— 200 more pages of this and I will just join the army

— Oh god

— Prettify it?

— >inline styles

— How to make scroll page when click image?