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May 2017

— Tried C yet?


It traverses deterministic finite automata trees and finds nodes which are non-blocking accepting, which in terms of regex means "after this, it's okay not to match anything"

— Not bad for my first program, jesus

— ^.*(something-specific).*

— Not yet, but I have been studying the syntax in backus-naur form

— C syntax is sexy

— Yeah, like imagine 2 regex like this:

1: foo
2: f*x?o{0,3}

— Both of those are accepting in that they both can represent foo

— Translate it to a DFA tree and you can analyze the regex per-token to find that out

— Yeah

— Good for parsing/lexing programming languages, say, in a compiler... which is exactly where my code went

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— Is there a tool to do that?