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May 2017

— I am making it polymorphic now


So it will support most of the Primitives, or all if I make some speed sacrifices when searching for specific data types

— I am also tacking on 2 classes, a value set and a map class which uses both, and adding it all to github

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— I can link you as a contributor if you send yours

— Also maybe there is a way we can have this algorithm self-modify based on timings, and perhaps switch over to a hash algorithm based search when it becomes more efficient to do so

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— Interesting ideas

— I just compiled my first C++ program :D

— Yayy

— Tried C yet?

— It traverses deterministic finite automata trees and finds nodes which are non-blocking accepting, which in terms of regex means "after this, it's okay not to match anything"

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— Not bad for my first program, jesus

— ^.*(something-specific).*