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May 2017

— Yep


Since add was responsible for maintaining the uniques list, has won't work since it still relies on it

— I will go through and make it work

— Beats native for add and has

— I knew that uniques list was going to be a pain in the butt, haha

— I mean, you can deduce what's in the set without knowing a lot of information, but when you go to maintain the thing it just eats the CPU alive

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— This one works

— I think

— Still the same:
AssertionError: has returns falsy for values in the set

— Ok, so one of these is failing:

charArray.length !== 0
&& listLength !== 0

&& (charArray[0] in list)

&& (charArray.length in list[charArray[0]])

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— Nope. I accidentally commented out ciritcal code, hang on

— Hmm, ok, so the costs associated with maintaining the uniques list also apply to maintaining a count of all items in the set

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