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May 2017

— Much better, only 15 seconds


I figure if it is not in the set, has is a waste of processing time... since add will then run. By removing the has from add, that will make add run fully even if something is in the set, but without the expensive decuctive costs

— I think the uniques list may be the cause of the slowness here

— Holy hell

— I got it down to 170ms for 100,000 adds

— Wat

— Post code

— Lemme fix a little bug I just put in, hang on

— In the meantime here's what I am seeing

— Ok, it was the uniques list doing it

— The operations to check and maintain it are too costly to be realistic... but the main set's storage scheme works GREAT without it.... so I think I will remove the uniques as they slow it down too much

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— Hmm