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May 2017

— Haha, yeah, it's not that good


The for loop right under should throw an error if it's not an iterable anyways, so I'll not do that crazy check

— Good

— Is there any way to hide js from page source ?

— No

— Run it on the server

— Server render webpages and then use a socket to unpack code directly in memory

— Also, why would you want to hide JS?

— I've seen people send JS over HTTPS and use eval to run it, but it will still appear in network/sources. If you use a socket you can use some encapsulated protocol to hide the data you are sending/recieving

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— Or obfuscate it using JSFuck

— Or, not use any JS in the browser at all except for DOM mutations, and run all your business logic on the server, using that same socket to just exchange arbitrary data

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— Https://