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May 2017

— I don't think WeakMaps can be implemented


Ie KeyStore class and a ValueStore class, both with discrete methods so there is a clear seperation, and then finally a Map class which combines them

— I think the code could be easily extended to function that way

— After the main StringSet is working ofc

— Cart before horse etc...

— And then, the tuples of the string set can point to addresses in the value set, instead of using direct references which obfuscate what you are looking at

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— Adding iterable support and... uhhhh


// Add Strings from the Iterable to the Set.
if (iterable !== null && iterable.__proto__.__proto__.hasOwnProperty("next")) {

this stinks to high heaven

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— Oh god, wtf

— My linters would probably go nuts over __proto__

— Haha, yeah, it's not that good

— The for loop right under should throw an error if it's not an iterable anyways, so I'll not do that crazy check

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