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May 2017

— add will dictate the structure of the tuples and linked list, so I want to base get off that before I make any assumptions about what I need

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Since it will be objects via reference, it should be very easy to remove and add things in specific orders

— I'd like to have you on my team based on the freaking commenting alone

— Godly amount of comments

— I always write comments before the code, haha

— Great practice

— I should note that although the keys of the set are string based, the values can be anything

— StringSet.add("MyKey", [1,2,3,4,5,"Hello!"]);


// Returns: [1,2,3,4,5,"Hello!"]

— It can also be nothing, if you just want to use the keys/strings

— I think that should likely be 2 seperate classes due to the behavior... if you set no value, it will return undefined... however that is also the return value if the key was not found... so you could not tell if the key was in the set or not if it's value is undefined

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— A weakMap would make sense there since you could decouple key search from values