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May 2017


word: [1,0,3,3,8],
nextLen: 4,
nextShare: 2,
next: [object Object]


But by doing that, you can run a search, "Do all characters in X exist in the character set", and if so, then run your probabilistic search on the linked list

— Because the character set only has unique characters, the first check has a linear time complexity of O(n) with n being the number of unique characters in the set, but not words

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— A bloom filter is slower than a native set.

— It's meant to be faster than a DB lookup.

— Hmmm

— Is binary search impossible?

— I could just store ascii values as digits:
[ 72, 101, 108, 108, 111 ]

— And then keep list sorted

— And check at the middle of the list if the first char matches, then go to 1 / 4 or 3 / 4 based on higher / lower, then repeat for the next level, and keep going

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— You could make a binary search tree.

— But it's not space efficient.