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May 2017

— Then, per node, you can deduce at some point if the search should stop or continue without searching the entire set

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Because if you know all nodes after "Hello World" share zero characters with that string, then you know the word "Happy" will never match any more nodes

— Yep

— That can factor into the skip list somehow, I think

— And allow you to jump around the set to nodes which either are or have children who match with a degree of probability, the input string

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— I don't like the "probability" stuff

— I'd like it to be 100% accurate

— Using a probabalistic data structure will aid in speed immensely, but it won't affect accuracy

— Oooh wait

— It lets you make decisions based on higher reasoning through non-contradictory and contradictory proofs

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— Typed Arrays would speed up the array one pretty intensely

— Oh? how so?