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May 2017

— Then you can find words which are similar to input


And, then follow the linked list until you get to 2 decision points: 1 being "I know there are no shared characters after this entry". and 2 being "there are no shared characters at all"

— So for 5 words in the set, "Hello", "Help", and "Sunny", "Hello" would refer to "Help" as "having some shared characters". While "Sunny" would not have any references to or from it since it is 100% unique

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— You can do some deduction and posit that, because input shares characters with "Hello", it may also share characters with "Help", allowing you to better direct the search

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— Oh shit

— Set add: 265.634ms
myset add: 3554.910ms
arrset add: 527.948ms
set has: 220.869ms
myset has: 274.758ms
arrset has: 483.703ms

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— What happened there?

— This

— Same surface api, delete needs same overhaul as has just got

— I'm building the index array on has at the same time I'm checking if all chars exist

— Pretty good

— Very nice