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May 2017

— If there is ANY character missing, you know "definitely not in set"


Which means, for those arrays, if you look for "Hire", it should know there is no i or r and abandon the search upon finding this

— Oh, right, could just loop through chars of input and lookup each in array then

— Since it introduces linearity, a search index would help

— But without one, it becomes as efficient as it's length

— IE the larger the set, the longer a lookup takes, but the adds will always be the same

— Or rather.... it is as efficient as there are unique characters!

— Quite nice

— Would have to check if each character is already in storage before storing

— Yes, or deduce that information somehow

— At add-time you would not neccesarily know that index 9 is an "R", unless you maintain some data structure which you can deduce as having a property of "R" via analysis

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— But a Map may be better than an array