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May 2017

— Hmm..


Would it be faster if I created the whole tree from the second first char and appended the chain to this after?

— I am still leaning towards seperating storage and representation, I think it would solve this issue by simplifying storage, thereby making it faster

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— I realize that .end might also not be the most elegant solution

— Hello, in storage:

["H", "e", "l", "o"]

Hello, in representation:

— That is the basic idea behind seperating, although you'd likely go with a different implementation

— Uhm

— Aren't both storage?

— If I added "Help", I'd get:

["H", "e", "l", "o", "p"]

— Oh, right

— And, then represent it via: [0,1,2,4]

— So it would only store unique chars, and a 2d array of indexes?