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May 2017

— It is a bit array, not quite a hash


If an element is probably in the set, the query will run slightly longer... if it is definitely not in the set, the query will run very fast and avoid computations

— Huh

— This idea was to only split into child objects when there is a difference

— So { "Hello", "Helium" } would become:
{ Hel: { "ium", "lo" } }

— I don't like it since it mixes representation with storage

— I mean, it looks clever, but that doesn't always mean it's a good idea

— This may help speed too

— Since it works with subsets of sets

— I think you can't remove elements from a Bloom filter though

— Hmm, well, that's practical, but the problem is adding to list

— This would only improve lookups I think