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May 2017

— Http://


"Judy IV turned out to be enormous and time-consuming... Obtaining a ~2x improvement in speed and space required ~5x lines of code and ~10x complexity, but we only lost 3-4 engineers to malnutrition during the implementation phase."

— Hahaha

— Insane

— 10 insertions takes 0.6ms

— Lel

— I'm pretty accurately 10 times slower than native

— Set runtime: 280.370ms
myset runtime: 3524.986ms
set runtime: 275.362ms
myset runtime: 2990.192ms
set runtime: 305.948ms
myset runtime: 3395.202ms
set runtime: 313.230ms
myset runtime: 3073.291ms
set runtime: 278.051ms
myset runtime: 3688.234ms

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— Delete is messy

— Is it trivial to check memory usage for node?

— Hmmm

— It's mostly slow to add