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May 2017

— Who already use kotlin for javascript in the project??


Ohh... this is a hellish amount of state... all live and external too

function newIterationState () {
return {
continue: true,
skipNode: false,
tuple: {},
iterations: 0,
length: 0,
existing: null,
isContainer: false,
invertedIndex: false,
isLast: false,
isFirst: true,
loc: null


var alg = new Strategy(iddfs);
alg.dependency = {
originalRoot: myObj,
returnDiff: false,
return, searchRoot);

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— Managed to built an algorithm strategy framework, but I think it breaks some rules!! All the strategies pre-empt the search algorithm generator and each other mid execution, by directly changing it's state...

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— Is this an okay exception? My surface area is the iterator protocol, so next and value

— I posted in here earlier when it was not so fleshed out, but now I got it working! But so shamefully breaking encapsulation!

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— What does new Strategy mean?

— Oh god

— I'm not sure what this means 😅

— It is the strategy design pattern

— In this case a strategy interfaces with an iterator/generator yielding that state object

— It is tightly coupled with it