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May 2017

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Use strict will TRY to inherit to child functions, but will fail silently and turn them into non-strict functions for these cases

— Admin might want to remove this.

— Yup

— I don't think that's neccesarily the case

— The quality of information is questionable but it appears the error has to do with the position of the strict mode declaration, not the function itself

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— This statement makes me think that: "If the function should be in strict mode, and the entire script or enclosing function is also okay to be in strict mode, you can move the "use strict" directive outside of the function"

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— Which amounts to forcing you to use strict mode outside the function in order to use it inside the function

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— It's provable

— TCO only works for strict mode functions

— I'm just trying to find that on google

— Try putting use strict outside two recursive functions, one with complex arguments, one without