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May 2017

— Ku coba coba melempar mangis.
Mangis ku lempar mangga ku dapat.
Ku coba coba melamar gadis.
Gadis ku lamar janda ku dapat.

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I found this PDF very useful if anyone else wants to brush up on command patterns & combinations of them

— Http://

— #TODO read this

— I learn a lot from stuff like that where it is a different language, but the concepts still apply

— Makes sense to learn basic syntax of Java/C-like langs if just to understand the examples

— a ? b : c && d()
is this (^) interpreted like this?
a ? b : (c && d())
or like this?
(a ? b : c) && d()

also; in which cases isn't d() in tail-call position?

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— This is actually the d-function calling itself recursively, that expression is returned

— I think I might have it...

— It uses the ... operator to put arguments into d

— Doesn't JS reuse stack frames if the argument count isn't the same?

— First one , I guess, (c && d())