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May 2017

— Wait what does that execute all three in sequence and return the last one?


Well, in JS it is read backwards no matter what, unless it's similar to the aforementioned FP construct

— That particular statement starts and stops at 3+3

— It is a rule of arithmetic operators in JS

— With normal statements, it does this:

(console.log("hello"), console.log("world"));
VM141:1 hello
VM141:1 world

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— Https://

— It turns out I am mistaken and the normal rule does not apply as the operations are seperate statements

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— Yes

— The comma essentially makes it similar to a do construct used in lisp like languages.

— Yup

— My bad, I believe do has a special meaning in LISP as a loop construct. I meant like in Haskell.

— It does?