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May 2017

— I thought it was more like 1+(2+(3...))


Specifically a function which executes, in reverse order, supplied statements, supplying the return/result values to the next and finally returning the result

— I have only seen that in FP frameworks though, not native to JS

— Wow

— Wait what does that execute all three in sequence and return the last one?

— Well, in JS it is read backwards no matter what, unless it's similar to the aforementioned FP construct

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— That particular statement starts and stops at 3+3

— It is a rule of arithmetic operators in JS

— With normal statements, it does this:

(console.log("hello"), console.log("world"));
VM141:1 hello
VM141:1 world

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— Https://

— It turns out I am mistaken and the normal rule does not apply as the operations are seperate statements

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— Yes