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May 2017

— It's more a relation between the two than any inherent property of either


The analogy doesn't hold up quite well considering that JS is not *necessary* for the browser, but considering that JS is very much intertwined with frontend dev, I sort of agree.

— Like JS's event oriented model is very natural for UI interactions.

— Yeah I only ever meant it in a "sort of" way, haha

— It doesn't fit the actual definition of domain-specific

— What I like about JS is that a lot of people are introduced to functional concepts like higher order functions naturally with stuff like callbacks.

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— Yes in js a function can do anything

— They are objects and just like any variable

— How can I enable cors in browser

— If it's for testing there is an add on for chrome

— If it's in production i think the other server has to enable it

— There's CLI arguments too