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May 2017

— I'd say it's as domain specific as paper is to a pencil


You can use the pencil on things other than paper, and use things other than pencils on the paper, however if that's all you've got to work with then the pencil is a domain-specific relative to the paper, being the only entry point to work with the paper

— It's more a relation between the two than any inherent property of either

— The analogy doesn't hold up quite well considering that JS is not *necessary* for the browser, but considering that JS is very much intertwined with frontend dev, I sort of agree.

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— Like JS's event oriented model is very natural for UI interactions.

— Yeah I only ever meant it in a "sort of" way, haha

— It doesn't fit the actual definition of domain-specific

— What I like about JS is that a lot of people are introduced to functional concepts like higher order functions naturally with stuff like callbacks.

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— Yes in js a function can do anything

— They are objects and just like any variable

— How can I enable cors in browser

— If it's for testing there is an add on for chrome