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May 2017

— You don't need to close them. They're resolved automatically


I saw a guy use those in production on a bank website once, everyone wondered why half the site was in a paragraph tag until we saw there was no closing tags for them. "But they're optional!" he says... true, but only if you want to play loosey goosey :p

— Yeah

— I wouldn't use them in production haha, but I did it here because it at least generates a question.

— Also, that script tag is invalid, it needs a closing tag

— Righttttt

— I have a template somewhere so I don't forget these things haha

— It isn't domain specific actually. DOM manipulation is part of the browser APIs

— Which are absent in Node

— Yes, but JS is the only language able to interface with this API

— So, it is domain specific not by functionality, but by neccesity

— It is very much *not* domain specific in functionality, of course