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May 2017

— Html doesn't need a separate group though HTML5 along with JavaScript might need it but this group should be enough.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="mycssfile.css">
<script src="myjsfile.js" type="application/javascript"></script>
<h1>All you need to know about HTML</h1>
<p>HTML is composed of sandwiches. Each tag has opening and closing brackets, except for a few which work slightly different.
<p> Each tag has its own purpose. As long as your content is wrapped in the proper elements, and you throw a few meta tags in your header for a search
engine, you're all set.
<p> the best way to learn html is to try it. In your text editor, just paste this in, then rename the extension to &#34;.html&#34;, run it in your browser, and you're all set.

— I also agree as JS can even be called domain-specific in that it manipulates the DOM, and indirectly HTML

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— So I would consider it a closely related subject

— Those paragraph tags, oh lord haha

— You don't need to close them. They're resolved automatically

— I saw a guy use those in production on a bank website once, everyone wondered why half the site was in a paragraph tag until we saw there was no closing tags for them. "But they're optional!" he says... true, but only if you want to play loosey goosey :p

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— Yeah

— I wouldn't use them in production haha, but I did it here because it at least generates a question.

— Also, that script tag is invalid, it needs a closing tag

— Righttttt

— I have a template somewhere so I don't forget these things haha