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May 2017

— The efficiency tanks drastically when you then need to unmark objects


The reason you need to do it at all is to detect and mitigate cycles/infinite loops, but it also means multiple properties pointing to the same object will be correctly represented

— The stack just represents a list of tuples yet to be traversed, not nodes seen before

— Sorry oot,anyone have telegram sysadmin grup?

— linux_group is probably the closest

— I wish there was a proper ops group, linux_group is mostly desktop stuff

— Why don't just create one?

— Because maintaining a group and getting members etc. is work and I don't want to do it if one already exists or nobody wants it

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— But I might try to get siliconnetwork to support it

— Wtf

— No matter where the fuck I go notafile is ALWAYS around like what

— But tfw notafile is notamod, still, stop following meee omggg