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May 2017

— The labels allow early bailout from iteration which you want in dfs. Stack would still be there but the whole thing would be more complicated

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So by letting it iterate fully like bfs, then traverse like dfs, the code becomes less complex and control flow a lot more readable, while effectively implementing iddfs as a side effect. I had to google the algorithm after I coded it since I didnt know what I made

— Hah

— Awesome

— Kek, labels in the github repo, but never used

— You really need a stack AND some sort of way to label each node as discovered or undiscovered for any sort of tree search?

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— I kept them for style

— Well, the map does this functionally

— Marking objects is not an option

— Would create an impure function with any number of side effects

— I did explore marking fully, though, it just isn't feasable

— The efficiency tanks drastically when you then need to unmark objects