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May 2017

— What are the benefits of IDDFS?


// Node has not been seen before, so traverse it
nextTuple = {};
// Travese the Tuple's properties
for (var unit in tuple) {
nextTuple[unit] = tuple[unit][loc];
// Save the Tuple to `nodeMap`
nodeMap.set(tuple.original[loc], nextTuple);
// Push the next Tuple into the stack

— It's memory efficient, right?

— Heres the tuple mechanism, runs after the strategy so it can have a chance to edit the tuple beforehand

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— Yes, thats one benefit

— Although with recursive metacomposition your state information explodes

— So thankfully it offsets that

— Is metacomposition only possible with labels?

— That was the gimmick, right?

— No, you can do it with a stack too

— I settled on that

— The stack is the standin for the real call stack