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May 2017

— Are you able to modify the code on your sensors?


From mobile to server and vice versa you could use (I tried on Swift an Java (Android) - works good) and for communication between server and sensor maybe mqtt because it is energy efficient!

— Or you just write an Cordova app with -> makes life easier i think

— Https://

— Heh, I might have a use case for your lib tomorrow dani

— To figure out if I need to update some JSON in a db

— I currently use it for reactive programming by diffing properties per-component

— Not bad

— I took a break so it is not done yet, though, still need to port some of the other algorithms to the strategy pattern

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— I also plan on adding blacklist parameters so you can ignore specific properties

— That's awesome

— Other than that you can use a search parameter which ignores any properties not specified