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December 2020

— Is this a kind of joke


Jquerryyy isnt somehting ive ever given time i blive i can archieve what jquery does if igave in time with js

— But vanilla can achieve wat jquery does ryt RubenVerg or determin1st

— Of course, after all jQ is done in vjs

—, what was it?

— Ppl use jq because of large set of ui components, controls etc.. boring, how many times to repeat that🤤

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document.querySelector('#winner').addEventListener('click', () => {
const winner = getWinner();
console.log(`Winner is ${}`);

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— Usage should be easy, give me the root node (or not, attach it yourself) and config, i'll give you api and event model in return

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— As in Vue?


new Vue('#app', cfg)

— Vue is visor, super-visor alike

— A visor is a set of goggles, a supervisor is a person. not getting the metaphor