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December 2020

β€” Nice tongue twister you got there


Hi everyone

I did computer science and engineering I passed out recently in 2020.

I'm from india

Does business analyst requires less coding! is it true ?

I'm good with java basics!

I did around 10 projects in almost all new technologies,

I'm searching for the job presently which requires just basic coding skills

Bcoz I haven't started preparing data structures and algorithms

β€” Passed outπŸ’€βš°οΈ vs. graduatedπŸ§β˜‘οΈ.. project manager don't need to code is what i know

β€” Which values are allowed in <form> method attribute?

β€” Put is an HTTP method, forms don't support all http methods, just get and post

β€” Https://

β€” You don't need to be a senior to get a job

β€” You mean you dropped out?

β€” I think he/she meant completed/graduated

β€” Nop I completed my college, I'm 2020 passing out. I'm a fresher

β€” What do you mean by "passed out"

β€” In english it means to faint