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December 2020

β€” Quality, probably is the comparison over other, similar apps or projects, relative.. no quality exists in a blackbox

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There are statically analyzable metrics, like complexity, lines per function, per file, etc.
eslint defines them.
But there are much more metrics.

β€” Good if they cover only your code🀀 my case is simple, single file, so i track LOCs.. saw some online testers, what you use🀨 eslint

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β€” They cover whatever code has eslint configured πŸ™„

β€” Delete doesnt delete objects from memory.
Instead it removes properties from them.

So do I need to use 'delete' after every 'new' like in C++ or not?
(Node JS backend question)

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β€” No. If the object isn't used anymore, it will be automatically GC'd

β€” Delete usage is rare

β€” And it should be

β€” ..but delete movement is rising, it has a big future🀀 everyone can use delete operator, no more code supremacy! break the chainz!

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β€” I know one use-case already, it fixes fetch api bug

β€” I sometimes use it kinda like

const originalConsole = _.cloneDeep(console);
delete console;
console = require('betterconsolemodule');

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β€” K thx