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December 2020

— You can learn infinitely, but results should weight something, impact its name


Results are always nice, but not as important when you’re just starting out. Idk how long I’d been programming before I really had a functional personal project to speak of.

— Quality is also mysterious thing, how you weight quality

— Starting out.. as i understood from those articles, result is achieved through time but experience doesn't matter much (or at all).. crazy, have to think about it myself🤤

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— Quality, probably is the comparison over other, similar apps or projects, relative.. no quality exists in a blackbox

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— There are statically analyzable metrics, like complexity, lines per function, per file, etc.
eslint defines them.
But there are much more metrics.

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— Good if they cover only your code🤤 my case is simple, single file, so i track LOCs.. saw some online testers, what you use🤨 eslint

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— They cover whatever code has eslint configured 🙄

— Delete doesnt delete objects from memory.
Instead it removes properties from them.

So do I need to use 'delete' after every 'new' like in C++ or not?
(Node JS backend question)

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— No. If the object isn't used anymore, it will be automatically GC'd

— Delete usage is rare

— And it should be