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December 2020

— No


I would actually say that the less code you have while still producing something with lots of features, the better you are

— Loc != Quality ;)

— Actually I am still in learning phase. I am 25 and want to switch stream. So the longest I have ever coded is around 300 lines.

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— Probably not an issue

— If you know how to solve problems you're good

— Graphs are Pain in the ass tbh but rest can be managed

— Man now I’m curious what mine is up to so far

— A month of work🤤

— When you assemble and plug in and out dependencies, they doesn't count as LOC's only the glue code should be counted in this case

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— So apparently my telegram bot framework is up to 8k loc, but I don’t know if that’s my biggest. I have a whole collection of nlp libraries that are harder to get a total for.

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— Like if to do something you only need to call a function which takes 300 parameters, then it's one line for one parameter..

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