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December 2020

— Like what


The "dumber" template's better, imo. i used to use mustache (not a handlebars or others "more smart"), they cover everything needed to compose.. the need for template engine was a hype! they have built some abstractions they thought were useful for them and advertised it to the max.. using templates in php is also ridiculous, php is a template engine itself!

— Https://

— You mean 8M LoC

— 8M is a dead corpse's state😅 i've only reached 4.4k LOCs at my main file🤧

— Seen this.. 10*365 = 3.6k

— Wew, that's already quite big for one file

— But 8M codebases exist

— I don't say codebases, the code you produce

— 1-man 8M codebases exist

— No magic pill to overstep those researched limits found😑 accept it

— Wow. Think my largest solo project is ~20k loc