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December 2020

— npm i -g typescript # or project-local

tsc --allowJs --target ES5 --outFile output.js input.js


You can also do a tsconfig.json file:
"compilerOptions": {
"allowJs": true,
"target": "ES5",
"outFile": "output.js"
"include": [

Then you just run tsc without arguments in the same folder

— files instead of include

— Ahh yeah, probably

— Include is more prone to errors for single-file builds since it can include other files?

— "simple steps to replace const to var" a new drama book by dr.Thomas🤤

— Well, it'd probably be disappointing if it was placed in the drama section

— Love ts 👌
But ya, this was some extraordinary js extracted from some template...
guess typing work is unavoidable xd

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— You don't need to type it to compile it with TS

— Love story then

— More like DIY book heh

— I always got strict Mode on, it won't let me thru without