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December 2020

— Once a week is okay, no need to do anything, calm down, have a tea


There's this black telegram and blue telegram... Which one is better? And why do we have two if them in first place?

— A fusion of light and dark mode is healthiest for you.

Reduces eye strain.

Daylight light mode, no daylight dark mode.

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— But in blue telegram also you can change the settings.

— Oh, idk.

I Think its preference but idk for sure

— So can you in dark mode, no?

— I have it set to dark green

— Hi

How can this nmp package
Convert it to function so that I can use it in further code

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— So, according to the stats, the bigger a project is, the less LOC per day, which means, bringing copy-paste dependencies reduces productivity

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— Accelerated Development: No Experience Required!

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— Wat

— Wtf lol