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December 2020

β€” Traitor


😳😳😳Wow,,,it worked,,,,I can't explain how,, but I will not touch it,,,,,Thank you so much,,,you pushed me to the next level

β€” But I needed to understand how to solve it using a loop

β€” Pushing something that shouldn't be there🀀 ye

β€” I don't always push but when I do I do it into the array prototype

β€” Remove non-duplicate/unique elements from this array without tampering the order of elements. O(n)
const arr = [2,3,4,22,3,34,53,5,35,5,3,4,44,5,2,6,6,7,4,2,87]

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β€” So many lovely possibilities πŸ‘€

β€” Yep.

β€” I need help with Git. πŸ€•

❓I'm trying to cherry-pick a commit from a branch that's two commits ahead of master, but the command yields this error:

❌fatal: bad revision '[commit hash]'

What's going on? πŸ€’

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β€” πŸ’pickπŸ€”

β€” ?

β€” Wat is cherry pick