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December 2020

— IDs in css to pick each li tag he wants to add a property to


The snail climbs up 7 feet each day and slips back 2 feet each night.
How many days will it take the snail to get out of a well with the given depth?

— Who can help me with js code for this?

— Ask specific question

— If you don't try to do it yourself, you can never improve your skills

— The snail would go up 5 feet every day except for the last day which would be 7 days

— Input: <wheelSize>, output: <days>.. born to crawl, can't fly🤤

— For folks who wants to know spread and rest operator differences

— Thanks David. However am looking for a js code that would take any value passed(as distance) and calculate the number of days the snail would take to cover that distance

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— Something of the sort

— Well. You solved it all on your own?

— They solved it wrong, if I correctly understand the problem