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December 2020

β€” Another day in the code heaven, huh🀀


These are runes, think they can be used in a sortbox, descending order and custom/fixed order, if Tyr is reversed, it means ascending orderπŸ€”

β€” Nice control

β€” Hi guys u happen to have a ul element in html i need to target the li under the ul and add a on hover event when ever it it individualy hoverd not all li

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β€” [...yourUl.children].forEach(li => li.addEventListener('hover', whateverFunction));

β€” But when i queery selector it it returns an array

β€” Yeah. because ul have multiple lis usually.

β€” Hence, you forEach over the elements to apply event handlers

β€” I think i need to research abt the foreach frst

β€” Start by using node (or the console, or Deno, or whatever) to learn JS before using the DOM.

β€” How about using IDs?

β€” Like what