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April 2020

— They are integers


While 1:
Q = input("Can anyone help me to grow
my YouTube chanel")
If Q=="Yes" : Print("Channel Name = Dark
Music Composing")
Else : Continue

— Still works the way i want as i am sure there's never gnna be an exit() in telegram user_id's

— But using exec or eval is not safe. And it bloats your code (when your bot has millions of users, you will have millions of variables) what prevents you from using dict?

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— I am using dicts

— Yes, so you can use.

— But they just dont seem to work with callback queries or inline queries

— Where?

— Yea but it still is a security loop hole. When there exists a safe way to do what you want, why do you deliberately want to do iy

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— States={} in my code at the first line

— What do you mean by that?

— Please stop random code spam, there exists pythonofftopic for these