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April 2020

— Mehn.. no.. it means, you should start learning Python. Don't do random things to make code work, make sensefull things. Search in Internet how to create variables in Python (they are always first or second chapter in any Python course)

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Broo i know i am building a bot that generally has states so each userid in telegram will have different states

— So i will create a variable using userid

— Hackedyouagain I hinted here how assignment works

— First learn Python, then go for making bots.

— Well i know python

— Okay ill find a way will use dictionaries for this

— You want to create new variable names out of strings? this is an extremely bad idea

you may want to look into dicts instead

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— !ot

— Yeah thats what i am going for

— Anybody knows how to send status codes in flask like 202 , 403 ?

— Dude, you are going the wrong way. You haven't learnt how variables' name should be in Python. If you think you Python, get a refreshment on fundamental things

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