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December 2020

— Drawing like Dani, but on the livescreen😅 think i found that +/-1


You can do it, report when solved, i think it will take some manual navigation, but it's unusual behavior you described🤤 im lost in 1s, TRGWII doesn't code anymore, see, it's a lonely road, most of the time

— I do code heh, doing some deno lately

— Deno is very cool, and just getting cooler and cooler

— Deno 1.6 will introduce deno compile

— Sad to hear, thought it was hot🤤

— It is hot and cool

— Quantum temperature

— Oh my, some kind of religion.. left is right, right is left, don't get that

— Trying but can't seem to get a solution

— THis works but the problem with this is that if bookTypes changes, the component will not update

export default function BookTypes(props: any){
const dispatch = useDispatch()

const bookTypes = useSelector(bookTypeListSelector)

useEffect(() => {
dispatch(fetchData(BookType, Book));
}, [])

return (
<Page title="Book Types">
<Table data={bookTypes} />

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— Poor readability code, changes are not traced, some function changes argument inside, so you have to know what each function does.. plus you have to know exactly what jsx does.. to see the problem

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