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December 2020

— Does fetchData function change bookTypes value?


So what happens is dispatch calls action creator fetchData which updates the redux store after fetching data from the api. Then the selector uses a reselect selector to get the data from the store... which is memoized. so after about 2 renders, the useEffect should not run as it is the same data in the store that has been fetched from the api. Maybe I am going wrong somewhere

— How many spots do u send these things to every time?

— Asking for a friend

— Like 3 groups. Because the problems are tough... 1 group sometimes cannot help solve the problem

— Drawing like Dani, but on the livescreen😅 think i found that +/-1

— You can do it, report when solved, i think it will take some manual navigation, but it's unusual behavior you described🤤 im lost in 1s, TRGWII doesn't code anymore, see, it's a lonely road, most of the time

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— I do code heh, doing some deno lately

— Deno is very cool, and just getting cooler and cooler

— Deno 1.6 will introduce deno compile

— Sad to hear, thought it was hot🤤

— It is hot and cool